It's Binge Time!

Watch Netflix with your friends in perfect sync while video calling each other - all with a simple Chrome extension! It's FaceTime meets Netflix party right in your browser.

No signup necessary!
Video call

Not #SocialDistancing, Only #PhysicalDistancing

Don't let physical distancing get in the way of your social connections. Cuddle up with your special someone for a movie night or binge that TV show with your friend.

Video Call + Netflix

Video calls in the same window as Netflix - completely picture in picture!

Synchronized Playback

Every play, pause and "skip intro" is synchronized across everyone's playback

Join by link

Joining a Binge Time session is as easy as clicking on a link!

Other nice touches

BingeTime protects your privacy while ensuring you have the best experience possible!

Encrypted, private video calls
No sign-up required
Peer-to-peer connections (no downtime!)
Video Call

How it works

Watch movies & TV shows with your physically distant friends in no time!

Step 1: Install BingeTime

Get BingeTime from the Chrome Extension store here

Step 2: Start a session

Open a show/movie on Netflix and click start session. Share the link that appears with your friend.

Step 3: Join the session

Simply open the link sent by your friend, and your Netflix will open to the same video with your friends face waiting for you!


How is this different from Netflix Party?

Two big ways: 1) We have video calls!! 2) Our app doesn't depend on any servers - it's completely "peer-to-peer". So, we have no downtime AND protect your privacy - a win-win!

How secure is this?

We take your privacy seriously. We don't collect any personal information, no sign up is required. Your video calls are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted. Your pause/play/skip actions are sent directly to your friends computer - no middleman server.

Why do I have to give Netflix permission to access my camera & microphone

Due to limitations of being a chrome extension, we need to ask for permission to access your camera and microphone (so you can video call your friend) via the Netflix webpage. Netflix has no access to your camera video/audio stream.

How is this free?

We are currently running through a user-supported contribution-based model. If you like what we've built, please support us on Patreon -

What's your tech stack?

Thought you'd never ask! Read our blog (coming soon).

Wanna try it out? Join the beta!

Drop your email, and we'll send you a link to download the chrome extension! PS: Add a friend you wanna try this with and we'll send you both an invite together :-)